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Marlene Waterhouse & Bryan Suarez

NextHome Coastal Team

The Team

Expert Negotiators: We are the TOP negotiators in the industry, having worked on hundreds of the hardest of transactions. We are committed to getting YOU the very best deal.


Strength in Numbers: Having one top agent working on your behalf just isn’t good enough. Instead you have the power of our TEAM, each utilizing their expertise to ensure a successful transaction.


Commission Structure

Negotiable and can be discussed further when we meet.


Standard Services

Professional photos

Extensive online marketing campaign

Initial cleaning prior to the "Grand Reveal"


Listing period

Due to extended listing periods across Southern California (including the luxury markets), a 120 day listing period is recommended.


Contact Info

Office: 949-419-2900

Bryan: 949-371-9695

Marlene: 949-677-1466


Updated Strategy

(Based on Current Market Conditions and Previous Meeting)

  • Gain better timeframe on the completion of the golf course to reassure prospective buyers. Contact has been initiated with the Golf Course Management Team as well as the San Clemente Engineering Department.

  • Mega Open House strategy on the first Friday. Twilight/Sunset Open House to showcase the home’s most jaw dropping feature, the stunning ocean view.

  • Aggressively market to the local area and our buyer database through a calling, email, print, and door knocking campaigns, complimented by an extensive social media campaign - to include paid ad placement as well as local pages and groups like San Clemente Life. Leverage the local community to “find their new neighbor.”

  • Open houses on Saturday and Sunday following the first Mega Open.

  • The following month we will hold the house open at least one day per weekend, utilizing all of our marketing tools to drive foot traffic.


Listing Plan Summary

Technology and marketing

  • National distribution of your listing to hundreds of public search sites

  • Aggressive marketing and re-marketing across entire digital landscape by a large national marketing firm

  • Extensive social media marketing managed by our in-house marketing team

  • Modern print and digital marketing materials

  • Seller reports with online property traffic data

  • Listing signs that focus on the property features

  • Mobile Connect cellphone app

  • Highly advanced and proactive customer support


Open houses and showings

  • Custom marketing strategy for each open house

  • First impressions last and we ensure your home shines

  • Professional photography

  • Mega Open Houses

  • Door knocking and neighborhood canvasing

  • Recognizable Mascot Luke that draws attention

  • Staging options available

  • Brochures and reports on site for the seller to utilize and for agent tours

  • Broker tour

  • Dedicated buyers agents calling interested buyers to show your home


You need a dynamic game plan to sell your home...

 and we agree!

We have an extensive marketing plan and have specific ideas for marketing your home that we would love to share with you!