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When it comes to seasonal cleaning, there are few things that are less appealing that cleaning ceiling fans.  Not only are they over head, but they often make a mess as they are cleaned!


We at NextHome Coastal have two tips to help you clean your ceiling fan with less hassle and headache!  Additionally, we will give you a hot tip about the direction of your fan's spin.


There is no getting around it, you have to clean that fan! But you can avoid making a bigger mess below the fan by using an old pillow case.  Just carefully slide the pillow case over each blade and then hold your hands around both top and bottom before sliding the pillow case back off.  Now all the dust is inside the pillow case and your fan blade is ready for a damp cloth wipe down.


Once the blades are clean, you can wipe them with furniture wax (clear not colored wax) to reduce the amount of dust that collects in future.  Like on furniture, waxes or dust repelling sprays will not prevent dust from settling on surfaces but it will buy you more time between dustings.


Directional Tip!  During the Summer you want your fan to spin counter-clockwise so that it is blowing the air down on you.  In Winter you want to switch your fan to clockwise.  *From the vantage point of standing or sitting below the fan and looking up at it.


Some fans have a remote that makes it easy to switch directions.  Some fans you must switch on the motor casing (don't forget to TURN IT OFF FIRST!)  Either way, BEFORE you switch directions of your the cleaning or you will shower your room with dust when the wind change disrupts the dust on the blades.