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Ceiling Fan Cleaning Hacks
When it comes to seasonal cleaning, there are few things that are less appealing that cleaning ceiling fans.  Not only are they over head, but they often make a mess as they are cleaned! We at NextHome Coastal have two tips to help you clean your ceiling fan with less hassle and ...
Is your A/C Running?
When that summer heat hits, the service calls into A/C repair men (and home warranty companies) will increase and in response, the service turn times will generally be at least a week out.   Beat that wait!  Turn your A/C on now to see if anything has fizzled out over the cooler ...
Can a Will Keep Your Home Out of Probate?
Wills are often misunderstood and the relatives of those who have a Will (expecting the will would keep the estate out of Probate) are frequently disappointed with the process after losing a loved one.If you or your loved one is the surviving spouse and their home was vested as the ” Sole and ...
3 Easy Ways to Determine How Much Home You Can Afford
Home ownership is a fantastic accomplishment and one that most anyone can achieve with him smart financial stewardship.  When you are thinking of buying a home (you should start at least 5 years prior to your actual intended goal) you need to think about the bigger picture to ensure that you ...