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When was the last time you had your roof inspected? This rainy season hopefully has not uncovered any leaks in your roof. You should have your roof inspected every 3 years for composite, asphalt, or wood shingle and every 5 years for tile roofs to head off costly leak damage before it happens. A small leak can be a major headache!

But what can you do to help prevent trouble?

Remove leaves, branches, and debris

Clear the gutter of any leaves and debris that can prevent the flow of water. Do the same thing for downspouts to ensure proper drainage.

Inspect your gutters

Every so often you should inspect your gutters to ensure that water is not pooling. If water is not flowing properly, you may need to adjust the gutter to direct the water towards the downspout.

 Repair dents and damage to downspouts

If there are leaks, you may need to apply sealant (like Vulcaseal) or if the damage is too great, you can replace the dented section. Consult with a professional if need be.


Inspect the roof’s condition

Is there any damage to your roof? If needed, replace damaged or missing roof tiles. Remove any debris found. If you have found pieces of roof tiles on your driveway or in your yard, you need to find the damaged tiles and replace it. Look for moss or mold growing on your tiles/shingles.

Inspect flashing

Look for missing or damaged flashing. If you find damage or missing or degraded caulking, it is best to call a professional to repair that damage.


Trim your trees

Not only do trees drop leaves and sticks onto your roof and into the gutters potentially clogging them, they also can drop branches in the sporadic California storm. A fallen branch can damage the roof. Trim your trees away from your house to prevent damage from the tree and to prevent critters from climbing onto your roof and damaging it while seeking entry to your warm attic.

If you need a referral for a reputable roofer, we can offer one! Reach out and we would be happy to share their contact information!