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Are you thinking of applying for a home loan in the near future?  Go no further until you read this list.

Take a look at this list of mistakes that could disqualify you.


• Omit debts or liabilities from your loan application
• Change your legal name
• Change jobs, quit your job, take unpaid time off, or become self-employed
• Buy any type of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, boat, etc.)
• Make major purchases such as furniture or appliances
• Apply for new cell phones
• Excessively use your credit cards
• Let your credit or other accounts fall behind in payments
• Acquire insufficient funds or bank overdraft fees
• Apply for new credit or consolidate credit card balances
• Pay collections or borrow money
• Deposit large amounts into accounts
• Close or open any asset accounts or transfer funds between accounts
• Change bank accounts or open new accounts
• Co-sign a loan for any party
• Spend money you have saved for your closing costs

If something should come up, consult with your agent and lender.  They will provide you with the best advice to preserve your qualification and potential interest rate!