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Are you planning to sell your home? Or are you thinking of buying a home?

  1. Are you a member of a Realtor Association? Realtor associations require certain additional standards of their members in additional to the usual ethics of the governmental licensing agency.
  2. How long have you been a Real Estate Agent? Experience cannot be understated. While all Sales Agent’s work under a Broker, many have little contact with them. Your agent should be seasoned or be backed by a real group of seasoned agents that are available to them.
  3. What hours do you work? Agent’s do work a lot (usually) but they do have schedules just as you do. Making sure that your agent’s schedule compliments your own is paramount.
  4. Are you on the MLS? The Multiple Listing Service is where most homes are viewed to be bought and sold. Now that more millennials are buying homes, they are finding homes through various means but the MLS is still a very important piece of marketing your home
  5. Will you show us home that are listed by other agencies or agents? Some agents will only show properties that are listed by them or their associates.
  6. Do you have exclusivity on property websites? Few agencies have exclusivity on public property listing sites, NextHome offers all of their brokerages exclusivity on many of the major public sites. The benefit to this is that when potential buyers find your home on the internet, they will usually see your agent’s photo and contact info. If they don’t have exclusivity, several other agent’s photos and contact info will appear next to your home as well. Buyers will call whoever they can reach or who’s photo they like. Those other agents are competing agents in your neighborhood and they have an incentive to show their own listings and not your home, the home that the buyer called on.
  7. What is your style of doing business? How often can I expect contact and updates? How will you present my home to potential buyers? What is your marketing plan for my home? Will you be holding open houses? Do you have an assistant that will be working with me?

Not all agents are the same and not all agents are as hands on as others. It is important to know how your agent is going to be helping you and exactly what you can expect from them. The business practice of agents is varied so you need to ensure that your agent understands you, your home, and your needs.